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Our Cows

Our cows have become a part of our family and we enjoy all the hard work that goes into them. Grass fed in the summer and supplemented with grain in the winter, they fill out and keep their beautiful structure and color. We will have a new crop of babies coming in the spring of 2023 and are excited to see what our mamas will give us!



Tink is one of our first mamas and we are so lucky to have her. Being a bottle baby herself she us gentle and docile and loves all the attention and pets she can get. She is a gentle mama both with her babies and the people around her. Giving us her first baby Daisy who is now a mama herself and then two sassy steers to join the herd we look forward to seeing her next baby in the spring.

Belle - SOLD

Belle came to us in the spring of 2019. We love her deep colors and her spunky personality. She is first to meet you at the feed bunk and thoroughly enjoys summers on the pasture. We can't wait to see her be a mama in the spring.


Ariel - SOLD

Sister to Belle, she also joined the stage and showed in the bottle calf show for the Larimer County Fair. She has now given us two beautiful calves with easy births. We couldn't ask for a better mama!

Daisy - SOLD

Daisy girl came from our Tink and has now given us two beautiful heifers. She has turned into a great mama and easy keeper. We are happy to have been able to keep her as part of the herd. 




Jasmine came to the farm with her sister Merida in June of 2019. Gentle from day one, she loves being adventurous but is always there to meet you at the gate for a handful of sweet feed and some loves. Showing in the 2019 Larimer County Fair Bucket Calf show along side her sister, they proved to be as gentle as we knew they could be with the kiddos and in the arena!

SS Sir Kadin

Our first registered bull on the farm and we couldn't be more excited. He is such a gentle boy with an amazing disposition. He loves attention and loves baths! 



Another beautiful mama out of our registered herd was just bred to our Kadin and we can't wait to see her become a mama in the spring of 2022.She is full of sass and personality and we love having her in our herd.

SAB Sally

Purchased in 2020 our Sally girl gave us our first born registered heifer on the farm, RJMR Elsa. She's incredibly docile, and had a very easy calving process (even if it was in the middle of the biggest snow storm, haha). She is an excellent mama. Elsa is a looker and we can't wait to see what she has in store for us. 


Strike A Pose - SOLD

Purchased in 2023 from 4 Moores Farm, our new mama didn't fall short at pulling her weight here on the farm and giving us a beautiful bull her first year here. Good mama and a great addition to our herd. We can't wait to see what else she has in store for us here at the ridge.



This pass year we dipped into raising mini highland cattle. This is our first girl and we absolutely love her. She is an awesome addition to our growing herd and we can't wait to see her first mini highland baby in the future. For now, we are having fun watching her personality bloom here on the farm and giving her all the cookies.


Purchased in 2023 our Frenchy girl came with her full sister to expand our highlander crew. We couldn't be more excited to have her here on the farm. She has been exposed to a dunn bull and we can't wait to see what the spring of '24 has in store for us.  

Coming Soon2.jpg

Why mini's?

Besides their cuteness factor, minis are awesome cows for smaller properties. They do less damage to your pastures because they eat 1/3 the amount of a normal size cow. Also known for being pretty gentle on the fences. They're so gentle around kids and other animals, we never fear walking into their pen or pasture. They make for perfect introduction cows for kids wanting to get into showing cows in the 4h in the bucket calf show.

Wanting beef???

Mini cows have shorter cells. Shorter cells mean more tender beef. So if you are looking for a cow for beef purposes, they naturally have a better flavor. The advantages of this breed, are the smaller cuts of meat, the higher stocking rate per acre, and high feed conversion rates (efficient converters)

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